Security of payments and anti-fraud system

Hipay: the guarantee of maximum security for you and your purchasers!

Security, limitation of fraud and protection of your purchasers

  • • Filtering of transactions made using payment cards: automatic verification of bank cards.

- Blocage et enregistrement des cartes considérées comme « frauduleuses ».
- Blocking and recording of cards considered as "fraudulent".
- Verification of the visual cryptogram and confirmation request made to banks.
- Lists of fraudulent cards communicated to the CTFI agency (Financial Information Processing Cell).
- Systematic application of the 3DS protocol introduced by Visa and Mastercard for all transactions if the holder's bank authorises it.

  • Non-repudiation guarantee for transactions: all payments made via a Hipay account permit a non-repudiation guarantee and the issuer cannot deny being the author of the transaction in question.
  • Monitoring and retention of data: all transactions are recorded and retained for 4 years plus the current year so that transactions can be traced in the event of a dispute.

Data confidentiality

  • Demanding identification protocols: temporary password that must be changed during the first log-in (during registration or loss of password).
  • Regular verification procedures by the audit team.
  • All changes to personal data made by e-mail with verification of identity.

Anti-piracy system

  • Identification via a virtual key: strengthened access security.
  • Session expiry: new log-in required after 30 minutes inactivity.
  • In the event of abnormal activity: account locked and an enquiry procedure started.
  • Anti-phishing protection: an anti-phishing key required at the time of registration is used to verify that Hipay actually is the sender of all correspondence. Modification possible at any time.