After the thorough scouring Verviers wool undergoes, part of the wool is treated to make it washable without any inconvenience.


WOOL, is now comfortable, healthy, natural ... and PRATICAL!

This involves ANTI-FELTING (ANTI-SHRINKAGE) treatment that makes our wool machine washable up to 30°C with the wool setting. It is a stable, homogeneous and regular Belgian process.


The process treats the fibre against shrinkage. It can be applied to all sorts of natural fibres such as sheep wool, cashmere, camel hairs, etc. As its name indicates, the treatment prevents the fibres from felting and therefore, preventing the finished product (duvet, pillow, etc.) from shrinking.

Any natural fibre has a scaly surface that makes it prone to felting (the fibres hook onto each other) when it is exposed to water, temperature changes and/or friction.

The anti-felting treatment is an oxidation (chlorine) process that erodes and softens the tips of the scales of the natural fibres. Which prevents the fibres from hooking onto each other, and therefore from felting and shrinking.


Ø  The wool remains NATURAL. The chlorine used for this anti-felting treatment is neutralised during production. Belgian and European legislation regarding waste water is very strict in terms of environmental protection.

An analysis performed by an independent laboratory demonstrated that the residual chlorine content found on the wool fibre after treatment is below what is authorised in drinking water in Belgium.

     Further, the wool is completely disinfected through this treatment.

     It has a neutral odour!


Ø  Our wool is machine washable, naturally, and is certified OEKO-TEX standard 100.


Ø  According to studies by Woolmark, machine-washable wool maintains all its exceptional natural properties. Even its capacity to absorb moisture and sweat is practically maintained in its entirety (small difference of 2%).

Ø  Details regarding our anti-dust mite and anti-bacterial treatment are attached.