The traditional lambskins of our grandmothers are making a great comeback at LANADO that follows strict quality guidelines adapted to meet modern-day needs

In collaboration with La Bergerie du Gros Cron (Walloon Sheep Breeding Company – Organic Farm located in Lahage) who already produces healthy and delicious lamb as well as healthy wool that we use in our products, we wanted to valorise the excellent value of the lambskin.

Our grandmothers were very wise and aware of the advantages of lambskin that can be used for a multitude of purposes and guarantee exceptional comfort for all the family. These lambskins have been specially selected not only for your well-being but also for your baby’s well-being. They are also very trendy as a cosy and welcoming decorative item for your home.

Why lamb skin?

1)       For its insulating properties and ability to regulate the body's temperatureit keeps you warm in winter and absorbs perspiration in summer. No more feeling damp in bed. Wool is able to absorb around 30% of its weight in water before feeling damp to the touch. Then it slowly eliminates the moisture. This natural regulation avoids ‘thermal shock’ or ‘sudden chills’ due to perspiration cooling on the skin.

2)        For the optimal support and good distribution for the body’s pressure points it provides to those who are bedridden or immobilised.


Discover a thousand uses for it HERE:

ü  On the baby’s mattress, in the cot, pram, pushchair, bouncer chair, car seat, playpen, or just simply on the ground for good insulation from the cold.


ü  Currently very popular in home decoration, as a rug at the side of your bed, in your armchair or sofa to warm up your winter evenings.


ü  It’s very comfortable at the foot of your bed for keeping your feet warm, or on your office chair or car seat.


ü  For improving the comfort of a wheelchair for people with reduced mobility.


ü  For soothing relief for people confined to bed and for reducing the risk of bedsores.