Wool has changed, along with the way it is processed. Do you remember the woollen blankets our grandmothers used to use? Did they used to “scratch”? Were they heavy and stiff? Forget those! Technology has transformed them into light, gentle, soft, and fluffy duvets. It is now possible to make them machine washable!

How does it work?

A special high technology called needling allows us to obtain a wool filling that is both light and dense by weaving the wool horizontally and vertically with long needles. The wool filling formed in this way is then placed and held in its silky satin cotton cover with careful stitching so as to retain its fluffiness and to prevent the formation of “empty” areas.

Why wool? Why not feathers?

Thanks to the curly structure and elasticity of wool fibre, a wool duvet retains its shape and its springiness for longer than a feather duvet. The duvet filling will always remain consistent and with no cold areas.

Also, a wool duvet will age much better than a feather duvet, because there will be no collection of dust (a source of dust mites) due to the inevitable wear of the feathers caused by rubbing.

To look after a sheep also means shearing its wool once a year, it is an obvious fact and a necessity. Did you know that goose feathers are plucked from living animals? Wool is also ethical.