Field of application

These general conditions of sale govern all orders and purchases placed or made via the www.lanado.be web shop.

General remarks

This website belongs to Lanado. These general conditions of sale always take precedence over any of the customer's general or special conditions. www.lanado.be always has the option of changing the provisions of these general conditions of sale unilaterally. Protection of personal date is subject to the privacy policy published on www.lanado.be. Use of the website is subject to a non-liability clause published on www.lanado.be.

Right of retraction

Consumers have the right to inform the company that they wish to cancel their purchases without penalty and without having to state a reason within 14 calendar days as from the day following delivery of the article.

Items must be returned within 5 working days of notification of cancellation. You may only return items after receiving confirmation from Lanado authorising you to do so. Items must be returned to Lanado in perfect condition, undamaged and still in their original unopened packaging. Purchasers must include a copy of the invoice or delivery note. Lanado reserves the right to refuse items returned or not reimburse payment for them if they have been damaged, used or washed or if the original packaging has been opened. We ask you to take care of returning the goods, the cost of returning them being your responsibility. In the event of cancellation of an order, Lanado will reimburse the purchaser for the price of the goods within 30 working days of their receipt, but will not reimburse delivery costs. We will not reimburse carriage costs except on the express condition that the article returned is defective. In the event of goods being returned, we strongly recommend you to use a reliable courier service because we can never be held liable for the loss of parcels during transport. Parcels returned without the postage being paid or where insufficient postage is paid will be refused and returned to the sender.

Returns address: LANADO : Chevron, 87 – 4987 STOUMONT - BELGIQUE

Loss or damage during transport

In accordance with Belgian law, the purchaser is responsible for the loss of goods and/or damage caused to these goods once delivery has been made. You are responsible for checking your items at the time of delivery. In the event of damage, goods can only be reimbursed or replaced after their immediate return to Lanado at the time of receipt. By signing the delivery receipt, purchasers declare that they are satisfied with the goods received and may no longer therefore ask for their reimbursement or replacement.


Risk is transferred to the customer at the time of delivery or removal of the goods. From this time, customers bear the risk of loss, theft and partial or total destruction of the goods. Ownership is only transferred on full payment of the price by the customer.

Delivery deadlines

As far as stocks allow, items will be delivered within a maximum of two weeks. The delivery period starts to run after receipt of payment. In the event of items ordered being out of stock, either temporarily or permanently, Lanado will inform you of that fact. Estimated delivery dates are provided as an indication only and may be subject to changes independent of our will. Delivery delays do not give purchasers the right to cancel their orders, reject goods or claim damages. Purchasers have an obligation to supply a correct delivery address. If need be, delivery costs will be invoiced in order to cover the cost of delivery to a single address. In the event of an incorrect delivery address being given, additional costs may be invoiced (for example to cover the cost of returning the parcel). In addition, in the event of an error in the delivery address, Lanado cannot under any circumstances be held liable for the impossibility of delivering the goods ordered.


Prices shown on the website are expressed inclusive of VAT. Prices do not include any dispatch costs. Calculation of the additional costs may be viewed at any time on the relevant page on www.lanado.be


Payments must be made prior to delivery.

If the invoice is not paid by the due date, late payment interest will be due automatically and without prior formal demand, interest being calculated in accordance with the legal rate. If invoices still have not been paid 15 days after a formal demand has been issued, fixed sum compensation equal to 10% of the invoice amount will be due automatically and without the need for a further formal demand, with a minimum of 50 euros.


Lanado cannot be held liable for its failure to fulfil an order in circumstances where the items concerned are out of stock or temporarily unavailable and in the event of total or partial disturbances or strikes affecting the means of delivery. Lanado cannot be held liable for indirect losses such as financial losses of interest or investments or expected profits, as a consequence of a strike, increase in general costs, etc. If at all possible, Lanado will make good the problem at its own cost. In this case, customers will not be entitled to any damages. If a customer intends asserting a right to damages, it is required to make its intention known by registered post within six weeks of the event that is presumed to be Lanado's fault occurring, under threat of this right lapsing. Lanado's liability is always limited to the amount of the order. These general conditions do not exclude liability for theft, fraud, serious misconduct, death or bodily harm.


All complaints must be made by registered post within seven working days as from delivery. If the complaint proves to be well founded, www.lanado.be's liability will be limited to repairing or exchanging the goods concerned.

Force majeure

Lanado is released from its commitments in the event of force majeure. The following are always considered as events of force majeure: fire, technical problems, computer failures and all situations that seriously complicate operations. If an event of force majeure actually occurs, Lanado is released from its obligations, without any obligation in respect of damages, and this for as long as the cause and consequences of the event of force majeure persist. Obligations suspended in this manner will once again be restored as from the time the consequences or cause of their non-performance has disappeared.

Applicable law and competent jurisdiction

This contract is governed by Belgian law. In the event of a dispute, only the courts of Lanado's registered office are competent.

Non-responsibility clause

This non-responsibility clause applies to all viewing of the www.lanado.be website.

This website belongs to Lanado. Visitors expressly agree to the provisions of this non-responsibility clause simply by viewing this website.

www.lanado.be retains the permanent right to change the provisions of the non-responsibility clause in a unilateral manner. Except for express provisions to the contrary, the pages or simulations visitors view or obtain through interactive applications are of purely informative value. All data included on this website is supplied and made available with the greatest of care and only reliable sources are used.

Lanado accepts no responsibility for direct and indirect harm suffered as a result of accessing and viewing data and publications on the website. This website contains hyperlinks to third-party websites.

Visitors are free to view these sites. www.lanado.be bears no responsibility for the content of sites to which links are given and gives no guarantee as to the security of these sites. www.lanado.be cannot be held liable for any prejudicial consequences or for any prejudice visitors may suffer subsequent to the use of these hyperlinks. The presence of these links does not constitute total support by Lanado.

The intellectual property rights concerning the website, logos, information and interactive applications,… belong to www.lanado.be and are also protected by copyright. Copying, correction or modification of this website, in whole or in part, regardless of the form and regardless of the means, without the owner's express authorisation, is prohibited. All infringements will be subject to both civil and criminal proceedings.

Visitors to this website are authorised to copy, print and use data viewed as long as this data is used purely and simply for the visitor's personal information purposes, to the exclusion of all other reproduction, distribution, sale or exploitation in connection with third-parties.

www.lanado.be respects the privacy of users of its website in accordance with the provisions of the law relating to privacy of 08 December 1992. In principle, the website can always be viewed, except during periods it is undergoing technical and substantial maintenance or when defects are being repaired.

www.lanado.be cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect harm suffered as a result of the non-availability of the website or part of the website or any limitations as to its use. Belgian law governs these conditions. In the event of a dispute, only the courts of Lanado's registered office are competent.

Declaration of respect for website privacy This declaration of respect for privacy applies to all consultation of www.lanado.be. The company responsible for processing data is Lanado. www.lanado.be complies with Belgian law relating to the protection of privacy as far as processing personal data is concerned.

This law stipulates that the person or company collecting data is required to obtain authorisation from the person whose personal data it is, that this data must be relevant, true and correct, and that it must be collected for specific, clear and legal purposes. By visiting this website, each visitor is assumed to be aware of this declaration of respect for privacy, to have understood it, and to have fully accepted and submitted to it.

The potential invalidity of a provision, due to a contradiction with regard to binding law, has no influence on the enforceability of all the other provisions referred to. Personal data collected via this website is intended exclusively for internal use and is not supplied to other organisations for commercial purposes. Personal data is used with a view to improving the content of this website, for keeping you informed about updates to our website, as well as for statistical and commercial purposes and with a view to sharing information concerning our products.

By using and visiting this website, you indicate your agreement with the sub-contractor's policy with regard to the protection of privacy and you give your authorisation for the collection, processing and use of your data as described in this privacy declaration.

You have the right to view, correct and delete your data. To do this, you must send a written request to Lanado attaching proof of your identity. You can object without cost to the use of your data for direct marketing purposes such as in advertising for example.

This website contains links to other websites. You are then automatically subject to the policy and application relating to privacy operated by this new website you have visited. Cookies are used on this website. A cookie is a small file sent by a server and which is installed on your computer's hard disk. This file tracks your visits to websites and comprises a certain amount of data concerning these visits, such as the webpages you have viewed to reach our website, your prior activities on this website and your data when you complete a form.

This use of cookies enables www.lanado.be to offer you a better service during your next visit. www.lanado.be also collects information of a non-personal character, such as for example the website through which you arrived on our website. This information is used with a view to the analysis of non-personal marketing information, such as for example, your most used browser, so that we can constantly improve our offering and our offers for our users and visitors.

All necessary care is taken with regard to security measures designed to ensure secure access to our on-line services for our customers and registered visitors. To gain access, users must prove their identity using an identification procedure that only they can apply. Users undertake to us this service in a reasonably responsible manner and do everything in their power to prevent third-parties gaining illicit access to www.lanado.be's on-line services.

Users bear exclusive responsibility for complying with this identification procedure and for the prejudicial consequences of illicit use. Competitions may be run on this website and Internet discount voucher campaigns may be launched. www.lanado.be may use any of the information you have supplied to contact you when necessary, for example to alert winners or for processing discount vouchers. www.lanado.be reserves the right to adapt this privacy declaration at any time, on condition that it informs users via the website. Belgian law governs these conditions. In the event of a dispute, only the courts of Lanado's registered office are competent.