giving value back to our regional wool and the know-how of our businesses.

Competition from China and Asia, unstable prices for raw wool, rising costs…Sheep farmers have become demotivated and the Belgian textile industries are suffering!

One day, will we stop seeing sheep in our fields? Will we let Asia invade us with their low prices? Will we carry on using textile products sourced from petroleum by-products, such as polyester?

We have joined together and have decided to cooperate.

  • The sheep farmers in our regions have looked after their flocks so that they can provide the best wool.
  • A wool wholesaler in Verviers has chosen, sorted and harvested wool that is most suitable for manufacturing a top of the range, light and fluffy duvet.
  • A wool washer in Verviers, whose quality is recognised throughout the world, has taken care over the processing.
  • For some of these products, wool is changing and adapting itself to current needs, it is made to be machine washable (40°C wool programme) and has an anti-dust-mite treatment, and it is also Belgian top of the range.
  • Manufacture is carried out for us by a neighbouring partner whose technology and know-how meets the highest demands for quality