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Price €185.95

Our WINTER or MID-SEASON wool duvets are warm, supple, soft and breathable. They are filled with 450gr wool per m². For unequalled comfort and a serene and refreshing night's sleep.  This is our best seller and most popular wool duvet ! The one that you'll use the most all the year through.  - MODULAR, our wool duvets are designed in 2 different thickness...

Price €73.55

A luxury pillow that is both soft and firm thanks to its filling made from balls and flecks of wool machine washable at 30°C with a wool program. Do NOT use the tumble dryer. The casing of these pillows is made of quilted percale cotton with a thin layer of wool. A zip closure along its whole width enables you to adjust the thickness and to keep the...

Price €164.46

The LANADO COMFORT MATTRESS OVERLAY has been upgraded to offer optimal comfort. You can now sleep on a thick layer of 1000 g/ m² wool to enhance the comfort of your mattress. LANADO mattress overlays are filled with 450 g / m² 100% PURE BELGIAN WOOL. The WINTER side is made of 550 g/m² velvet wool and the SUMMER side in 100% Egyptian percale cotton, ideal...

Price €11.57

LOCAL BELGIAN OFF-WHITE WOOL IN BULK to fill your cushions, for your hobbies and a thousand other uses. WASHING: Wool in bulk washed in Verviers (the former reputed international wool centre). We use machines that run slowly to ensure that the wool is cleaned in-depth and to allow for quality control at all the stages of the process. Our washing...

Price €27.27

These little balls of wool are made in Verviers using a mechanical procedure. They are particularly suitable for use as filling for pillows or small objects such as soft toys as they guarantee very precise and even filling even for very small items. A healthy and natural alternative to the usual synthetic fillings.    Thanks to our ANTI-FELTING treatment...

Price €107.44

Origin : Belgium  - LOCAL, ETHICAL & FAIR-TRADE   Woollen lambskins with wool that is a bit longer than milklambskins and that are silky and incomparably soft to the touch. Each piece is unique. The shape, thickness and colour can vary slightly from classic off-white to shades of beige or grey-brown that gives these skins a natural and wild look that...

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