Wool is a pure and natural product from our pastures with a 1001 benefits for your well-being, your comfort and your health.

Wool grows on grass. What could be more simpler than sunshine, water, grass and a sheep…for producing a natural fibre that is more sophisticated and more evolved than any fibre that mankind has ever successfully produced.

If you look at a wool fibre under a microscope, you can see that its surface is made up of scales, one on top of another. It is this natural biological structure that provides the best insulation and the greatest comfort.

An unequalled source of comfort in all seasons, providing excellent thermal insulation, it protects you from both the heat and the cold.

Wool is not only suitable for winter duvets, but also summer duvets that are lighter and much more comfortable than synthetic duvets.

Aren’t sheep found in all climates?

In high mountains as well as in the desert!

As a completely natural fibre, wool is capable of absorbing around 30% of its weight in moisture without giving the feeling of being damp. It then slowly releases this moisture. This natural control allows the prevention of “thermal shock” due to perspiration cooling on the skin.