BABY WOOL DUVET for Playpen - 80 x 80 cm - washable & anti-dustmite


A duvet to keep baby warm and snug during playtime or a nap in the park. Either to play or to lie down on, or for snuggling up underneath.

A small extra duvet measuring 80 cm x 80 cm, designed as a lightweight version with wool weighing just 250 g per m².

For the convenience of parents these duvets are made with wool that can be machine-washed on a wool programme up to 30°C using a special wool detergent. Do NOT use the tumble dryer.

The wool duvets of this collection are treated with ESSENTIAL by Proneem - Anti-dust mite and Anti-bacterial - 100% NATURAL  ACTIVE  INGREDIENTS.



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-           Filling: 100% PURE VIRGIN BELGIAN WOOL.

-          Fabric:  100% PERCALE COTTON.


-      In the event of an accident or, at the most, once a year:  Machine-washable on a wool programme up to 30°C using a special wool detergent. Do not use the electric tumble dryer.

-          Wool produces little static electricity so it doesn’t retain dust or odours: it does not soil easily and needs much less washing than other fibres. Sometimes just giving it a good airing is sufficient.


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