LOCAL BELGIAN OFF-WHITE WOOL IN BULK to fill your cushions, for your hobbies and a thousand other uses.

WASHING: Wool in bulk washed in Verviers (the former reputed international wool centre). We use machines that run slowly to ensure that the wool is cleaned in-depth and to allow for quality control at all the stages of the process.

Our washing procedures are environmentally-friendly. Detergents and degreasing agents are biodegradable. The dirty water is treated at a water purification station that meets the new EU norms.

The washing mill is GOTS certified (Global Organic Textile Standard).


Our wool bears the OEKO-TEX standard 100, Appendix 6


For bigger quantity packed in 30kg bales, please contact us via email info@lanado.be 


Some of product's variants have maximum allowed quantity conditions
Sizes: Washed Belgian wool in 1 kg packs 5

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Fibre naturelle

J'ai acheté de la laine lavée pour rembourrer des peluches, c'est parfait et pas plus cher que le rembourrage polyester, et au moins c'est naturel et ça vient de chez nous !

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