Wool has natural insulation properties, it retains heat but it is also very breathable. It warms without a feeling of smothering.


Your wool duvet has the enormous advantage of being perfectly suited to various climates, so also choose the duvet that is perfectly suited to you.


- If you are sensitive to cold or your bedroom is on the cool side, choose a WINTER duvet: 450 g per m²

- If you often feel hot or the temperature of your bedroom is on the warm side, choose a SUMMER duvet: 250 g per m²

- If you are especially sensitive to the cold, and for very cold periods during the year, you also have the possibility of using a second duvet of the same size that you can fasten to your first one, depending on your choice:


-          SUMMER + SUMMER      

-          WINTER + SUMMER      

-          WINTER + WINTER

All combinations are possible, depending on your requirements and your budget