PACK YOU & ME : Full + Half "summer"


A wool duvet to share perfect nights with your PARTNER.

The solution to obtain : 1 wool duvet of 240cm x 220cm with 1 side of only one layer "summer 250gr wool" and the other side of 2 layers "1 winter 450gr + 1 summer 250gr"

This pack is composed of 2 wool duvets :

1) YOU & ME FULL WOOL DUVET is composed of a warm ("winter" 450gr wool/m²) half attached to the other light ("summer" 250gr wool/m²) half thanks to a zip. 

For a maximum flexibility pressure buttons are positionned all around the duvet as well as around each each of its half. 

THICKNESS : 1 HALF of 450g wool/m² (warm or "winter") attached to 1 HALF of 250g of wool/m² (light or "summer")

SIZE : 240cm x 220cm

The little bonus is that you can wash this duvet in a washing machine at 30°C with a wool programme. Even large models from this range can be easily washed at home in your washing machine, as they are split into 2 sections, simply by opening the zip. 

2) 1 YOU & ME "SUMMER" HALF DUVET to attach as a second thickness on the "WINTER" side of the You & Me Full duvet. You obtain a "summer + winter" side fixed to a "summer" side. 

Pressure buttons are positioned all around this HALF duvet for a secure attachment. 

THICKNESS : 250gr wool/m² (light, "summer") 

SIZE : 120cm x 220cm

In buying this 2 wool duvets pack, you are saving 106€
It is a MACHINE WASHABLE WOOL DUVET. You can wash this duvet at up to 30°C on a wool programme. Do NOT use the tumble dryer. 

The wool duvets of this collection are treated with ESSENTIAL by Proneem - Anti-dust mite and Anti-bacterial - 100% NATURAL ACTIVE INGREDIENTS.  



-           Filling :  100% PURE VIRGIN BELGIAN WOOL.

-          Fabric :  100% COTTON.


-        In the event of an accident or, at the most, once a year: Machine-washable on a wool programme up to 30°C using a special wool detergent. Do not use the electric tumble dryer.

-          Wool produces little static electricity so it doesn’t retain dust or odours: it does not soil easily and needs much less washing than other fibres. Sometimes just giving it a good airing is sufficient.

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