"WINTER OR MID-SEASON" 450gr WOOLLEN DUVET Organic Textile certified

Our WINTER or MID-SEASON wool duvets are warm, supple, soft and breathable.
They are filled with 450gr wool per m².

For unequalled comfort and a serene and refreshing night's sleep

This is our best seller and most popular wool duvet ! The one that you'll use the most all the year through. 

- MODULARour wool duvets are designed in 2 different thickness so that you can double up and combine 2 duvets if you want, thanks to a clever system of press-studs. See also our product "super washable winter wool duvet, 250gr wool / m²"

The WOOL of this DUVET is produced with Belgian wool of sheep-farmers with a CERTYSIS certification (organic agriculture). The outer cover of the duvet is in 100% COTTON PERCALE. A top-of-the-range fabric for exceptional  softness.

This woollen duvet is certified “Organic Textile” according to GOTS referral (Global Organic Textile Standard) – 100% of the fibers produced by organic agriculture.

The GOTS referral is integrating the SOCIAL and ECOLOGICAL aspects of the product and of its manufacture. 


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All our duvets of various thicknesses are sold separately and are designed to be mixed and matched thanks to a clever system of press studs, which means they can be combined according to your needs and budget.

-          WINTER or MID-SEASON : 450 gr wool per m²     

-          SUMMER : 250 gr wool per m²


-           Filling : 100% PURE VIRGIN BELGIAN WOOL

-          Fabric :  100% PERCALE COTTON

-          100% of these textile fibers are produced by organic agriculture.


-     I In the event of an accident or, at the most, once a year : dry-cleaning is recommended.

-        Wool produces little static electricity so it doesn’t retain dust or odours  : it does not soil easily and needs much less washing than other fibres. Sometimes just giving it a good airing is sufficient.


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