The comfort of light, fluffy wool balls in a pillow. These wool balls guarantee greater homogeneity than the classic loose wool. No lumps and no dips. The wool diffuses a gentle heat and thanks to its extraordinary capacity to absorb moisture and perspiration, your head will remain dry too. Say goodbye to damp pillows and benefit from your pillow all year round in total serenity.

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  • Sizes: ADULTS 60 x 45 cm - 600gr
Price €73.55

A luxury pillow that is both soft and firm thanks to its filling made from balls and flecks of wool machine washable at 30°C with a wool program. Do NOT use the tumble dryer. The casing of these pillows is made of quilted percale cotton with a thin layer of wool. A zip closure along its whole width enables you to adjust the thickness and to keep the...