The traditional lambskins of our grandmothers are making a great comeback at LANADO that follows strict quality guidelines adapted to meet modern-day needs. LANADO is able to offer you this wonderful new product thanks to its close cooperation with La Bergerie du Gros Cron (Walloon Sheep Breeding Company – Organic Farm) located in Lahage in the Province of Luxembourg and headed by Patrice Rampanelli. The sheep farm produces healthy and delicious lamb as well as healthy wool that we use in our duvets, pillowcases and mattress overlays and we wanted to valorise the excellent value of the lambskin. This has been specially selected and processed to guarantee the well-being of your baby. Place the lambskin onto the mattress of your baby’s bed, cover with your usual cotton fitted sheet. You can also use it in the pram, in your carry cot, in the park or even just lay it on the ground. Our grandmothers were very wise and aware of the advantages of lambskin that can be used for a multitude of purposes and guarantee exceptional comfort for all the family. It protects against the cold in winter and absorbs moisture thus also guaranteeing optimal comfort in summer when the temperature rises. These lambskins have been specially selected for the well-being of your baby, but they are also very trendy as a cosy and welcoming decorative item on the back of an armchair, on chaise longue, etc. Give free rein to your imagination. A LOCAL, ETHICAL AND FAIR-TRADE PRODUCT

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Woollen lambskins with wool that is a bit longer than milklambskins and that are silky and incomparably soft to the touch. Each piece is unique. The shape, thickness and colour can vary slightly from classic off-white to shades of beige or grey-brown that gives these skins a natural and wild look that you will not be able to resist. Perfect for a throw on...

Price €110.00

This is the lambskin MATTRESS TOPPER par excellence! A more ‘technical skin’ that is cut shorter so that it offers optimal support and excellent distribution of the pressure points of the body.   It also has excellent insulating and body temperature regulating characteristics: it keeps you warm in winter and in summer it absorbs perspiration. Gone is the...